Healing | Mine & Yours

Featuring: BackBone Pleasure Spa – Adult by Rheinhard Kappler & Kiana Writer @Shiny Shabby

BackBone Pleasure Spa – Bath – Adult
BackBone Pleasure Spa – Side Table
BackBone Pleasure Spa – Bamboo Mat
BackBone Pleasure Spa – Loofah
BackBone Pleasure Spa – Petals

Bubbles Not Included.

Pose made by me


Neo-Japan | Mine & Yours

Featuring products available soon at Neo-Japan Event, Noon SLT, March 30th to April 21st.

Neo-Japan Location

.:E.A:.Studio Ears Akasuna by Shina Shan @Neo-Japan
Gloom. – Hikikomori Collection (Eyes) by Dahvie Gloom @Neo-Japan
Kokoro Poses – Baseball Bat ULTRA RARE by felipehaal Resident and Pacagaia Resident @Neo-Japan
DAPPA – Kagami Tattoo. by KarlosGuerrero Resident @Neo-Japan

Stray Dog – SKULL FACE PAINT by Gac Akina
[CX] STFU Trap (Slut) by Kamayari Resident
[CX] Essential Dirty Claws ( 2019 NEW YEAR GIFT ) by Kamayari Resident

Brought a Shotgun to the Party

Brought a Shotgun to the Party | Mine & Yours

Featuring: BackBone Industrial Bar – ADULT Set by Rheinhard Kappler & Kiana Writer @Man Cave
BackBone Industrial Bar – ADULT
BackBone Coasters
BackBone Corks & Corkscrew
BackBone Wine Bottle
BackBone Empty Wine Glass
BackBone Wine Glass
BackBone Industrial Bar Stool

Various pieces from the MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Gacha by MadPea @MadPea Main Store
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Pub RARE
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Beer Pumps
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Pale Ale Bottle
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Fuzzy Cider
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Beer Mats
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Cash Register

Trompe Loeil – Nevaline Garden Bar (modded) by Cory Edo
Apple Fall Tournament Billiards Table (Adult) by warehousefifteendesigns Resident
[ keke ] kaboom pulsing neon sign by Kean Kelly
BackBone Neon Cats – Attention (part of the Neon Cats gacha) by Rheinhard Kappler & Kiana Writer @Equal10

On Caleb:

[Deadwool] Hart jacket by Masa Plympton
[Deadwool] Hart trousers by Masa Plympton
NOCHE. Buck Leather Gloves White by Danny0ryan Resident
Silver Hawk Company – SH Double Barrel Shotgun TypeB by Ayatora Slade

MadPea’s Spellbound Experience

I absolutely love MadPea games. Not only am I always curious what adventures/mysteries they have planned for us, I’m always excited to test my puzzle solving skills. MadPea’s Spellbound is the newest, exciting MadPea game that was released last year in November. Most hardcore MadPea fans have probably already had their fun and completed the game way before I finally got around to trying it, but for those of you on the fence about trying this experience out, I’m telling you to rise up and take this challenge! This one will test your resolution, attention to detail, endurance, and overall critical thinking skills. Spellbound is a must-play! Who is ready to enjoy this magical experience?

WARNING: THERE WILL BE SOME SPOILERS RELATING TO VISUAL GAMEPLAY, BUT NO SOLUTIONS TO PUZZLES, NO SPECIFICS TO ENDINGS, AND NO SPOILED SURPRISES. If you want a completely unbiased experience for MadPea’s Spellbound, go play the game now by visiting this location! For more general information about Spellbound, go here.

Mystify | Mine & Yours


::GB:: AQUA Water by Takuya Jinn @MadPea Spellbound Starting Area
::GB:: Masical necklace by Takuya Jinn (MadPea Spellbound Prize)
MadPea Spellbound Pet Owl – Aqua by MadPea @MadPea Spellbound Starting Area
Oxydate. Feed the Beast Tattoo by MonaSax95 Resident @Skin Fair


Admittedly, my MadPea game repertoire is not as vast as many other hardcore MadPea fans, but I’ve completed five games so far: Sinister Slaughters, The Tower, Seven, Nightmare in New Orleans (NiNO), and now Spellbound. Aside from MadPea gaming, I am an active gamer both in video games and board games so I’ll be discussing MadPea’s Spellbound based on my own personal tastes and perspective. My rating is completely my own opinion and will be different from everyone else’s.

Rating System

Visuals      9/10
Sound design     7/10
Misc. (loading screens, environmental lighting, etc)      2/5

MadPea’s Spellbound is a magically spectacular visual treat. Like all the other MadPea games I have played, the adventure takes you into MadPea’s meticulously created world – this time, to the Spellbound Academy of Sorcery, set close to the quaint village of Willowshire. If you love the magical world of Harry Potter, then you will love Spellbound as you will be playing as a first year student in a school of magic and mystery but with a completely unique storyline. Being a huge fan of the wizarding world, I absolutely was excited to play this game.

MadPea Spellbound - Castle | Mine & Yours

Spellbound starts off in a village right outside the Academy of Sorcery where the castle is the main central location to navigate the multitude of rooms within the school vital in progressing throughout the game. This confined space serves more as a portal to apparate you to a total of 20 different rooms. I absolutely loved exploring the castle and anticipating what is behind each door once the level was unlocked, finding great angles to take a snapshot.

MadPea Spellbound - Ignis | Mine & Yours

So for those who read my review about Nightmare in New Orleans, you’ll know I was so in love with the sound incorporated throughout the game, especially the voice talent of everyone you would interact with. This time in Spellbound, MadPea has brought more of this humanistic feature to this magical, virtual game. I’m not as enthusiastic about the voice talent for Spellbound as I was for NiNO, but each ‘NPC’ did bring quite varying personalities depending on the House they represented. I do wish each of the Headmasters were actual avatars though. It would have made the rescue effort more humanistic and impactful.

Virion Blackstone was headmaster of Ignis whose gruff voice conveyed a bit of arrogance. Cloven Morel was headmaster of Terra whose timid voice showed that this professor was likely a tad strange and eccentric. Lyndis Wavecrest was headmaster of Aqua whose proper English voice commanded respect and level-headedness. Mizette Zephyr was headmaster of Venti who seemed quite gentle and kind with a whimsical-like personality. I do wish there was more story/history to each house described by each headmaster to entice students to join their specific house though. I understand that competition between the houses was not even a factor of the overall storyline of the game, however, I feel allowing the player to feel more invested in their choice of selecting a specific house would contribute a bit more to the overall effort of saving the school.

MadPea Spellbound - Aqua | Mine & Yours

I’m not sure how many were able to witness, but the revolving guardian gargoyles upon Miss Horlage’s time schedule in the Academy castle was a really nice touch. More surprise magical elements would have been awesome like animated/interactive portraits! (Or were there more magical surprises and I just missed it?!?!)

Creativity/Originality     8/10
Story      8/10

Spellbound is a pretty cool game, especially for those who appreciate magic. In a nutshell, it is a lot of puzzle solving with some elements of hunting and a little bit of combat as well. As a first year sorcery student, you are tasked and challenged to learn different spells that eventually will help you in the end of your journey. There are a total of 12 spells to learn, three specific spells per House. The overall storyline was pretty straight forward and easy to follow.

I love these sort of magic themes because anything can happen – there is no limit to what can be done and no need to follow any real rules of physics. Spellbound isn’t bound to any rules the non-magical world must follow to function. That being said, I was expecting a bit more imagination in this magical world. Yes, there was a lot to this game in terms of moving from one level to another, so there is a lot of objectives and mechanical content (more on that below). However I felt the concept of ‘magic’ could have been pushed a bit further.

Despite this small preference of mine, there was -a lot- of content to this game. In fact, about 8 hours of gameplay. Out of all the games I have played so far, Spellbound is the longest game I have played through. It took me several nights to complete it all, breaking it up into several hours per night. I will say that because it became a routine for me to log in and get into solving mode, when I did beat the game, it felt bittersweet. I was happy that I had finally completed the game, but then I was saddened that the game came to an end LOL!

Another thing I liked was the extra Spellbound activity for Premium members. As a MadPea Premium member, this added bonus was a pleasant addition to the whole Spellbound experience. Upon completion of the extra Premium side-quest, MadPea Premium members are awarded with an achievement.

MadPea Spellbound - Venti | Mine & Yours


Compelling     8/10
Variety     9/10

My favorite objectives are the explore/search ones where I have to hunt down specific items so the Alchemy lab and the Theatre were the most fun ones for me. I loved the Alchemy lab puzzle since it involved hunting aspects under a time constraint. I also really enjoyed the mini fairy tale element found in the theatre while searching for clues. There were tons of puzzles to solve in Spellbound, ranging from small line puzzles to even a one-on-one dueling match! I really enjoyed every single objective. The end goal was crystal clear where the player must “level up” to unlock more challenges while figuring out what dark power has been encapsulating the Academy.

These objectives were quite cognitive heavy. Most of the challenges involved attention to detail and then using that knowledge/clue to complete the task. While the puzzles themselves were isolated objectives, the numerous rooms served as duel purposes in which made the game flow with more depth. Essentially completing that room’s level did not necessarily mean the room would not be used for another purpose later on. I liked the multi-functionality of each phase, giving the game more immersion of the actual game environment.

Interactive     9/10
Interface      4/5

MadPea executed the mechanics of the game beautifully. What I mean by that is there was a seamless flow of learned skills to objective completion. Things just made sense and it was fun figuring out how to achieve success! Every magic spell learned had a purpose and depending on the circumstances, the player needed to adapt and figure out which spell would help them complete the quest. There were enough magic spell varieties that forced players to think about what they needed to do next.

I was spoiled with the Nightmare in New Orleans gameplay where there were multiple endings to the game, making it repeatable. Unfortunately, it did not seem like there were multiple endings for this game (not that there should be). But maybe it would have been interesting to see four variations of the ending depending on the House the player chose. It would have tied the House sorting in a bit more and gave more meaning to the fact that students needed to choose their allegiance wisely.

The interface of the game HUD was good – only thing I wish it had was a minimize button to save space on my screen when I was not using the HUD. Design was sleek and visually nice and the overall function of the HUD was intuitive.

MadPea Spellbound - Terra | Mine & Yours

Peripherals & Prizes
Outfit/Accessories     4/5
Prizes     4/5

There were four optional outfits players could purchase – each representative of the four different Houses. These outfits were custom made by the amazing creator of Gabriel!

Other wizarding accessories include pet owls and magic wands. Every student, at the start of the Spellbound game, is given a temporary wand to use for spell casting gameplay. However, I’d recommend getting your own wand by playing the MadPea Wands Gacha as you can conveniently keep it in your inventory, and each one looks pretty cool compared to the basic wand. There are a total of 10 different wand styles. Allow the wand to choose the wizard! The pet owls are actually game enhancers that have the ability to help you detect when mana crystals are nearby. Throughout the game, you will need to continuously search for mana crystals to level up so these owls can help you save time if you are not the best hunter.

The prizes at the completion of the game are mostly decor items. Each one of them were pretty nice as MadPea got some awesome creators to contribute to the awards. If you are interested in seeing all the prizes for MadPea’s Spellbound, check it out here.

Overall Game Difficulty      3/5

Medium difficulty. I completed all puzzles on my own without needing to purchase any hints. For those who do need a bit of a nudge in the right direction, players can purchase hints with the magical skeletal hour glass that is located at the start of every challenge room. Players can choose to purchase two hints or purchase a pass to skip the whole room entirely.

MadPea Spellbound - Great Hall | Mine & Yours

Overall Rating       8/10

I had a lot of fun playing MadPea’s Spellbound. The scoring adds up to 7.5 out of 10 but I’m adding a little extra to the overall rating for the sheer length of this game. Lots of effort and planning was put into this game and the game’s value just based on time spent on gameplay alone is worth the 1K price tag. Spellbound is a game really well made with fun and challenging objectives with great visual scenes – I definitely recommend this game to those who are interested in challenging your mind or just simply love magic!

This game is especially good for:
Explorers/Adventurers (curiosity is your weapon)
Challengers/Completionists (Just beat the game)
Thinkers (mind over matter)
Creators (collect resources and build your objective)
Strategists (advanced thinkers who maximize profit and minimize loss)
Socializers (lots of player interaction and engagement)


My Personal Tips

Pay attention to details – for the C Personality types (DISC) you will love this

Take lots of notes – you will be glad you wrote things down lol

Take your time – this is a long game! Take the game in and enjoy it 🙂

MadPea Games Ranking (as of March 15, 2019)

  1. Nightmare in New Orleans (rated 8.5)
  2. Spellbound (rated 8.0)
  3. Sinister Slaughters
  4. Seven
  5. The Tower

Prelude to Spellbound: Dark Auror

If there is one thing I enjoy most about SL, it’s experiencing the creative and challenging MadPea games has to play. Their newest game, Spellbound, actually came out in November of last year, but it has been a busy time for me since then. I am now ready to step into the Spellbound Academy of Sorcery. For my promo pic, you’ll see I am a dark Auror, conjuring up a snake that represents the House Slytherin I belong to in the wonderful world of Harry Potter. However in the Spellbound Academy, there are different Houses: Ignis, Aqua, Venti, and Terra. I will be joining Aqua!

To play the game, make your way to the quaint village of Willowshire and pay the vendor 1000L for the Game HUD. For more information regarding the game, go here: http://www.madpeagames.com/spellbound-play/

Once I have done a play through of Spellbound, I’ll be writing up a thorough game review similar to my Nightmare in New Orleans post.

Until then, see you all in wizarding class! Join Aqua if you want to be cool like me 😉

Dark Auror Magic | Mine & Yours


Featuring: MadPea Spellbound Rosewood Wand (part of the Spellbound Wands Gacha) by MadPea @Spellbound Starting Area

Coat: ::GB:: Leather Assimetry Coat by Takuya Jinn
Hair: Vango. James by Norman Millar
Glasses: SPELL : Harry’s Glasses (part of the Witchcraft & Wizardry gacha) by lakua Arriaga

Game of Thrones Mystery Party

It was my cuzzy’s birthday earlier this month so Ella and I hosted a murder mystery party – Game of Thrones themed. Family and friends were given character roles to help propel and unravel the dinner party’s murder mystery at King’s Landing. Ella rented out a homestead for us to use for our infamous region of Westeros. I wish I had a chance to take pictures of her amazing work outside of the Great Hall, but unfortunately the land was flipped over after the party ended. However, I was able to capture a snapshot of my interior design of the dinner party hosted within the Red Keep.

GoT Great Hall | Mine & Yours

Since my build is no longer available for me to refer to, I don’t have all the credits readily available. However the majority of this interior design was accomplished with the following items:

[NC] – Tasty Meal by Niki8901 Resident
The Half Moon Market – The Lord’s Feast I by Heloise Ghostaltar
The Half Moon Market – The Lord’s Feast II by Heloise Ghostaltar
.aisling. {Tavern} Bar (modded) by Druunah Esharham
[NC] – Grand Chair by Niki8901 Resident
[Tia] The Marquis Throne – Adult by Tia Biscuit
[NC] – Dragon Wall Decoration by Druunah Esharham
:Fanatik Architecture: MEDIEVAL VILLAGE D 3 by Funatik Resident
. a i s l i n g . PennDen Banners by Druunah Esharham
-DRD- Iron throne by Deathrowdesigns Resident

Game of Thrones Party | Mine & Yours

Characters featured in our Game of Thrones Murder Mystery party (left to right): Sansa Stark, Catelyn Stark, Jaime Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and Tormund Giantsbane. (Not pictured) Margaery Tyrell, King Joffrey, Brienne of Tarth, Melisandre, Gregor Clegane

Elm. World of Magic

Elm made an awesome wizard’s trunk shelf set for The World of Magic Event. Each Trunk Shelf comes with various wizarding school supplies to be placed upon the shelf any way the decorator wishes. One can even use the supplies separately for another scene.

Elm World of Magic Closeup | Mine & Yours

Featuring: Elm. World of Magic Trunk Shelf by ArianaClaire Resident @The World of Magic Event
Elm. Trunk Shelf [Navy]
Elm. Trunk Shelf [Black]
Elm. Trunk Shelf [Tan]
Elm. School Supplies: Wand Box
Elm. School Supplies: Single Scroll
Elm. School Supplies: Scrolls Stack
Elm. School Supplies: Quill
Elm. School Supplies: Pointed Hat
Elm. School Supplies: Ink Bottle
Elm. School Supplies: Glass Phial Set
Elm. School Supplies: Crystal Ball
Elm. School Supplies: Cauldron
Elm. School Supplies: Broomstick
Elm. School Supplies: Brass Scale

You Should Really Get To Know Me

I’ve been keeping low key for a while with lots of personal issues being sort out on my side of the world. In the meantime, I think it is time to resurface with some sort of picture. Special thanks to my friend, Ella, for modeling on top of this sexy (emphasis on the SEX) pool table made by BackBone. She makes a better model than I do. I don’t think anyone would want to see me in revealing lingerie.

BackBone Low Key | Mine & Yours


BackBone Spin Me Round Pool Table Set by Rheinhard Kappler & Kiana Writer @Kinky
BackBone Repurposed Vintage Phone by Rheinhard Kappler & Kiana Writer (Prize for the MadPea Alliance Lonely Hearts Club Hunt)

The MadPea Alliance Lonely Hearts Club Hunt is a special hunt featuring prizes from various top designers for MadPea Premium members only. For more information, go here:

To start the hunt, here is your ride! https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MadPea%20Mad%20City/67/77/34

For more information about MadPea Premium, go here: http://www.madpeagames.com/madpea-premium/

Skybox: [BH9] – XoXo Scene by Recession Resident @Cupid Inc.
Lounge seats: FOXCITY. Karaoke Gacha – Sofa RARE by Satomi Masukami
Falling cash: SAYO Sin – Crimson Dreams Backdrop – Money Prop by Kaysha Piers
Champagne: BackBone Champagne Bucket by Rheinhard Kappler & Kiana Writer

Caleb’s Pose: Made by me 🙂
Pole Dancer Pose: Made by KatyaSessions Resident

MadPea Magical Christmas Hunt 2018

Happy Holidays!! The MadPea Magical Christmas Hunt is here with some festive, enchanted fun! If you aren’t hunting for the enchanted toys, then you are missing out! MadPea’s Magical Christmas Hunt runs from December 10 (noon) to December 24th (through end of day until Santa comes at Midnight for Christmas!). The hunt is a dynamic experience where all enchanted toy hunters hunt at different sims on a daily basis. Enchanted toys are constantly appearing and disappearing, giving hunters plenty of opportunity to rake in those points for prize redemption.

To join the hunt, buy the MadPea Magical Christmas Hunt HUD for $L100 (or $L500 for the Mega Pack). For more information about the hunt, check out the website here and to scope out all the unlocked prizes thus far, click here. I’ll be covering the Magical Christmas Hunt a lot more in detail in a later post.

Mega Hunter’s Pack sells for $L500 which includes the Christmas Chariot, Christmas Tree Wand, Santa’s Winter Jammies, 23 toy tokens to redeem at the Toy Maker and the MadPea Christmas Hunt HUD. Regular Magical Christmas Hunt Pack sells for $L100 which includes the Christmas Hunt HUD and 7 toy tokens to redeem at the Toy Maker.

MadPea Magical Christmas Hunt starting location: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Neogene/101/128/1511

Caleb's on the Naughty List! - MadPea Christmas Hunt 2018 | Mine & Yours


Featuring: MadPea Magical Christmas Hunt

MadPea Christmas Fireplace (Exclusive Christmas Hunt prize for MadPea Premium members) by MadPea
MadPea Crystal Tree Cones by MadPea
MadPea Pet Christmas Stocking – Cat by MadPea
MadPea Pet Christmas Stocking – Dog by MadPea

Elm. Snowy Winter Terrarium [Walnut] by ArianaClaire Resident
Elm. Snowy Winter Dome #2 [Walnut] by ArianaClaire Resident
The Loft & ARIA – Leona Christmas Stocking by Colleen Desmoulins & Yelo Uriza

Apple Fall Magnolia Leaf Wreath by warehousefifteendesigns Resident
hive // lighted holiday wreath . flocked by TheHiveStore Resident

Culprit FuzzyWuzzy Polar Bear by eku Zhong
MadPea Santa Nightcap (add) (part of the MadPea Christmas Hunt MEGA PACK) by MadPea
O.M.E.N – Waiting for Santa Paws – Dream Pup – RARE by DamascusVera Resident

MadPea Hate Christmas Bauble by MadPea
FOXCITY. Wrecking Ball (Male) (VIP group gift) by Satomi Masukami

{anc} NOEL. : frilled furrug / milk 2Li by aki69 Resident

BackBone Dear Santa – Santa’s Throne by Ruvio Cortes & Kiana Writer @Epiphany (Mainstore afterwards)
MadPea Sack of Coal by MadPea

MadPea Gingerbread House by MadPea
.random.Matter. – Magical Holidays – Smash the Pastryarcy [Pnk] by Nikohl Hax @Epiphany

BackBone Dear Santa – Sled by MadPea
MadPea Hot Drinks Tray by MadPea
MadPea In Case You Get Crap… by MadPea

BackBone Dear Santa – Christmas Gift Set 1 by Ruvio Cortes & Kiana Writer @Epiphany (Mainstore afterwards)
BackBone Dear Santa – Christmas Gift Set 2 by Ruvio Cortes & Kiana Writer @Epiphany (Mainstore afterwards)
BackBone Dear Santa – Christmas Gift Set 3 by Ruvio Cortes & Kiana Writer @Epiphany (Mainstore afterwards)
MadPea Penguin Christmas Cake by MadPea
{what next} December Potted Poinsettia by Winter Thorn
MadPea Certificate of Bad Behavior 2018 by MadPea

Botanical – Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum) by Kriss Lehmann
MadPea Christmas Chariot – Red by MadPea
MadPea Christmas Wall Decor by MadPea
dust bunny . string lights . colored . type a by lxlNoel Resident
BackBone Dear Santa – Santa Painting by Ruvio Cortes & Kiana Writer @Epiphany (Mainstore afterwards)
BackBone Dear Santa – Snowman Painting by Ruvio Cortes & Kiana Writer @Epiphany (Mainstore afterwards)
MadPea Magical Express (add) (Exclusive Christmas Hunt prize for MadPea Premium members) by MadPea

BackBone Dear Santa – Santa’s Grotto Backdrop RARE by Ruvio Cortes & Kiana Writer @Epiphany (Mainstore afterwards)

On Caleb (the WORST Santa):

NOCHE. bundle Elf hat.15 by Danny0ryan Resident @Epiphany
NOCHE.Elf Thong Bundle.20 by Danny0ryan Resident @Epiphany
MadPea Reindeer Slipper by MadPea @Mainstore

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