Make Your Own Fairy Tale

Hello Lovely’s  today was another day of exploring and having fun creating things.  I think creativity is in the air.  I am excited to show off a collaboration between a mother and daughter in RL.  My understand is … this dress was made by Annie’s daughter, and Annie in turn brought it to SL in creation.  I think this is absolutely wonderful! SL is all about the creativity and I can imagine her daughters look seeing her dress brought to life in this world for all to enjoy.  So while I was wandering around this fantasy like forest I was inspired to use this dress in the sense of a fairy tale.  But I could also see myself using this dress as a party dress to go out and have fun! There are so many uses for a dress like this in your life. 

I paired it up with Cae’s necklace Pemberly.  I adore the lock and key look.  You unlock your hearts desires and in fairy tale land, that can be just about anything.  I find that it adds that little touch of what I was looking for when creating this look.  That and its one of my favorite styles, I love anything with keys on it.  Specially in the necklace form ♥

So my new excitement in creating is back to making shapes again.  Now I am going to admit, I am a picky person when it comes to looks.  I really wanted to like the Catwa head Catya, but I felt for my taste she was a little young no matter how much I tried to make her look older it wouldn’t work.  Now Kimberly (The one I am wearing now) gives me that look of a bit mature lady and I really like that.  My issue was I couldn’t find a skin I adored on her face.  That again comes from me being picky.  What caught my eye, was the fact I seen another blog that had a skin from League on it.  How in the world did I forget my League skin … I adore that look on the Catwa heads, and to my delight I found it worked so well on the Bento head.  I am ecstatic I can wear this new head, make her look how I want and keep the skin I adore the most on her.  So if you have the new Catwa head and you are finding it hard to get the skin you love … don’t give up keep looking.  All tastes are different but gah do I love this look.

Dress:  *JB* Aurora Dress – | Annie Melson | UBER
Necklace:  Cae :: Pemberley :: Necklace | caelan.hancroft |
Hair:  Exile:: Flickering Light | Kavar Cleanslate |
Shoe:  REIGN.- BREAK-UP PUMPS- MAITREYA | kenadeecole |

Shape:  CATWA Bento Shape – Livvy Made 2
Skin:  *League* Ella – Catwa Applier Pale | Nena Janus |
Head:  CATWA HEAD Kimberly v2.08 | catwa.clipNEW!!!
Eyes:  CATWA UN-RIGGED EYE  | catwa.clip |
Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 | Onyx LeShelle |

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