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Caleb and Livvy Are Engaged | Mine & Yours


Welcome to the shared blog of Caleb and Livvy! Honestly, it is not really your typical blog. It’s a collaborated publication of both Caleb’s and Livvy’s personalities, each blogging with our unique voices. We’ll not only share and celebrate the things we love in SL made by some amazing designers, but we’ll also be inviting you into some of our more personal moments as individuals and as a couple.

Livvy is the more seasoned blogger of us as she started back in 2011 on Christmas Eve. Previously she was a store manager and an event manager so starting to blog the very things she was already promoting worked out smoothly.  All these years later, here she is, still blogging away at the fashions that she loves, and continuing the self learning of Photoshop.

Enter Caleb. 2014 comes along and Livvy was uploading a picture on Flickr. She saw this really cute guy on the page of a fellow photographer she followed.  “He was this specimen of greatness … so I did what any other girl would do and I stalked him down.” <– Livvy’s exact words! She found out this man’s name was Caleb from the picture, and looked him up in world. After a while of getting to know one another, we gave the relationship beyond friendship a shot. But things went a bit south, not because of each other, but because of time.  We parted ways, but if you love something, let it go and if its returns to you, it’s yours.

Take Two….
It’s now 2017, Livvy gets little ding in her IM box.
CalebBryant: Hi
Livvy.Fhang: Oh

Yes, that is really how that went down. Despite all those years, it was as if no time had passed by when we started talking again, it was always a natural fit. We decided that we wanted to give this another go, and that is what is happening. Now we are taking another journey together by creating a blog together. Caleb loves being in Livvy’s pictures, and Livvy loves watching Caleb flourish as a talented man.

Caleb is the baby blogger, only seriously starting to blog consistently since July of 2017. MadPea’s innovative event productions were what inspired Caleb to take blogging more seriously. While Livvy tends to focus more on the broad spectrum of female fashion and home decor, Caleb likes to cover interactive functions like hunts or games. Occasionally, Caleb will dabble in some home decor or men’s fashion.

Now here we are! This blog is a product of our shared interest in blogging and scrapbooking of our SL lives together as a couple and as a family. Please feel free to browse our posts and enjoy! ♥


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