5:04PM, Melrose Avenue

L.A. is where everything is at. Everything you can imagine. Los Angeles is home to rich, glamorous Hollywood stars and families barely getting by in concentrated poverty neighborhoods. Cornerstore mom and pop venues to Michelin star restaurants. Food from every culture. Music around the world. Art everywhere.

At any time, any place, many hearts who claim the diverse city of Los Angeles as home have such deep stories.

At 5:04PM, a mother of five is getting off her first job to pick up her kids from after school daycare before rushing off to her second job. A Hollywood-bound barista is sneaking in to work after leaving mid-shift for an audition. A boy is at marching band practice, pushing through endurance training to be the best in his drumline. A girl is getting dressed in her sexiest outfit before heading off to meet her friends at the club.

Me? At 5:04PM, I’m heading to Alfred’s coffee place on Melrose Avenue for a treat – a delicious macchiato in a chocolate cone – while I find some time to write this SL entry. Walking there, I’m surrounded in rich culture and art, blessed to be around such creativity and talent. The walls are covered in color and the streets are filled with people from every corner of the world. Welcome to L.A. – the city of dreams. What’s your story?

5:04PM, Melrose Avenue | Mine & Yours


Hair: Stealthic – Psycho by Stealthic Resident @ TMD
Beard: Volkstone Keanu by Spaiker Bravitz @ ManCave
Shirt: TonkTastic – Cotton Tee -Golden State- by Tonk Tomcat and Hermanni Laville @ ManCave
Jeans: <kalback> Original Jeans by Patrix Beck

RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Old Street by Faullon Resident
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Sclater Street by Faullon Resident

Misc. Decor:
21. DRD SC Street Scene bench and trash can from the Steele City Gacha by Deathrowdesigns Resident (part of 21.-DRD- SC street scene components)
Apple Fall Metro Entrance from the Apple Fall Metro / Traveling Artist Fatpack by warehousefifteendesigns Resident

Pose made by me ūüôā

Booty Booty Booty

Hello my pretty people, I am back! I even brought the boyfriend with me too. ¬†So we did a little fun photo shoot with the new Apple May outfit. ¬†This lovely jeans and top set is perfect in so many ways. ¬†For them girls that have smaller booties that wanna have a pop once in a while, whelp you can totally have that in these. ¬†As you can see King Caleb here, had no issue with the size of the booty on these pants. ¬†I will say that size does change with your slider so if you have a small booty you will have a smaller size. ¬†I have what I believe is a medium butt soooo… my booty was a bit bigger ‚ô•

With these pants there is a lace halter top that is tied in the back its cute. ¬†The front of the pants has lace on them! These are extremely detailed and look so good. ¬†The pants are made in the skinny jean version so tight around the legs. ¬†I love how you can wear these with heels. ¬† So you might be asking how did the butt grabbing commence, well, in typical male fashion – girl walks by – man see’s the butt – man can’t help himself and BAM out comes the camera and the picture taking happens and you know he had to have it. ¬†KIDDING – I know all men aren’t like that. ¬†But we figured it was the perfect opportunity to be a little more immature in our lives. ¬†As if we don’t do that enough. ¬†Besides, look at his classic face. ¬†Like Hey girl HEEEEEY. ¬†hahahaha ¬†— I will update where this outfit can be found as soon as that information is released ‚ô•

Outfit:  (AMD) Shyra РBy Apple May РLocation of Release coming soon! 
Shoes:  REIGN.- Madame Booties РBLACK РBy KenadeeCole РMain Store 

Background: RAMA Р#selfie_RAMA Wood Panel 3 РBy faullon РThe Gacha Garden